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Delia went from feeling tired, being in constant pain, and high cholesterol to feeling like a completely different person and healthy again by losing nearly 100 lbs!! She’s now able to play on the ground with her 2 year old grandson.

These 4 guys did an incredible job. All placed at the same show against each other. Andrew, Dan, Billy, & Rocky placed 3rd, 2nd, overall & 1st, and 1st. They stuck to the plan, worked their asses off, and the results show! Most did very little cardio and we didn’t have to cut calories drastically for them to achieve their physiques. Healthy eating, high intensity exercise, and a strategic game plan customized for each of them was all it took. Since this show Dan went to win his class at an even bigger show and became Nationally qualified.

“Staggs Fitness gave me practical and concise guidance.
Both my workout and nutrition plans were designed to give me optimal results
while having fun and eating real food! But the best part is the support.
The SF team are always there to answer questions and cheer you on!”
Melissa C.
Chicago, IL

Mark lost over 50 lbs in 12 weeks. His motivation and dedication was next to none. He added intense exercise, fixed his bad eating habits, and had a no excuse attitude. Mark was a great client and an even better friend!

My experience with Staggs Fitness was priceless! Tim went above and beyond to help break down barriers and obstacles to help me get stage ready for my first bikini competition. I know plenty about general fitness, but nothing about the bodybuilding world. He helped me every step of the way, and made sure I was always on track to hit my competition date and deliver the best package possible. I could NOT have done this without Staggs Fitness!

Jill P.

Scottsdale, AZ

“I have always had a slender build and gaining 8lbs of lean mass in three months was an incredible accomplishment for me personally. I had been killing myself in the gym for years with only moderate gains until I started your plan. I am still killing myself but now getting the results I have always wanted and my confidence in and out of the gym is incredible now. Owing it all to Team Staggs !!”

Thank You
James B.
Orlando, FL

Jessica was in the worse shape of her life when she decided that enough was enough and committed to changing her health forever! Over 50 lbs lost and she’s kept the weight off. She feels better, has more energy, and a has learned healthy habits to ensure she stays fit and healthy!

Here’s an ironic story. 🙂 We had just started our business and Robert was one of our first clients. As you can tell from the picture he looked phenomenal and he also placed 1st and won the show. So here is where the irony starts. I was also doing the same show and had to compete against him. When the judging was done we were tied for 1st and after the tie breaker Robert was victorious. I couldn’t have been happier for him…….but I can’t lie I wanted that 1st 🙂

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