Scott and Max“My decision to really make a change was spurred on by two life changing circumstances in 2008. My dad was diagnosed with a life threatening illness in spring of 2008 and my son was diagnosed with an illness in fall of 2008. My world was in chaos and seemed to be spiraling out of control as the days went on.
The accountability factor has been key, during those long stressful days at work when I wanted nothing more than to dive into a deep dish pizza the accountability was a life saver…. the key for my transformation was to put together a diet and workout regimen that would be sustainable while getting the results I wanted.
Scott B.  Kalamazoo, MI

Melissa“Staggs Fitness gave me practical and concise guidance.
Both my workout and nutrition plans were designed to give me optimal results while having fun and eating real food! But the best part is the support.

The SF team are always there to answer questions and cheer you on!”
Melissa C.
Chicago, IL

photo 3I have always had a slender build and gaining 8lbs of lean mass in three months was an incredible accomplishment for me personally. I had been killing myself in the gym for years with only moderate gains until I started your plan. I am still killing myself but now getting the results I have always wanted and my confidence in and out of the gym is incredible now. Owing it all to Team Staggs !!”

Thank You
James B.
Orlando, FL

edit-150x260Like many people out there I wanted to be “skinny”. I overworked myself, wasn’t eating enough and had no solid approach to health and fitness. It wasn’t until I got introduced to Staggs Fitness that I really started to understand. It has been about 4 years now that we have been working together. Staggs Fitness has helped me transform my way of thinking on healthy living! I have gone from a 5’5”, about 200lb very unhealthy, overweight women to 135-140lb solid, healthy, energized women! During that time they helped me make healthy living a way of life. I EAT, I lift and I still enjoy “other” foods, family, friends, etc. I rock a hard body year round and am in the best shape of my life! Not only my body but my internal health and mindset! During this time frame I lost weight, had a little boy (who is now 2) and gained a TON of muscle! They have helped me thru 2 NPC Bikini shows and continue to help change my health and body! Staggs Fitness has been a blessing to my life and my family! I owe my health to their help because without them I would have been just another girl trying to be skinny, eating way to little and struggling to have the energy and mindset I have now!

Tasha A.
Fort Campbell, KY

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