I have had the pleasure to work with many members of our military and their families. To show our appreciation we are offering military discounts for all military and their families, active or retired. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

Check out some of the amazing transformations and stories below of the men and women that serve our country!


Military wife

Like many people out there I wanted to be “skinny”. I overworked myself, wasn’t eating enough and had no solid approach to health and fitness. It wasn’t until I got introduced to Staggs Fitness that I really started to understand. It has been about 4 years now that we have been working together. Staggs Fitness has helped me transform my way of thinking on healthy living! I have gone from a 5’5”, about 200lb very unhealthy, overweight women to a 5’5” 135-140lb solid, healthy, energized women! During that time they helped me make healthy living a way of life. I EAT, I lift and I still enjoy “other” foods, family, friends, etc. I rock a hard body year round and am in the best shape of my life! Not only my body but my internal health and mindset! During this time frame I lost weight, had a little boy (who is now 2) and gained a TON of muscle! They have helped me thru 2 NPC Bikini shows and continue to help change my health and body! Staggs Fitness has been a blessing to my life and my family! I owe my health to their help because without them I would have been just another girl trying to be skinny, eating way to little and struggling to have the energy and mindset I have now!

Tasha A. – Military Wife

Campbell, KY

Active military

Chris had gone from being in good shape to the worse shape of his life while being deployed overseas. We had been working with his wife Tasha for quite a while and he decided to join her with getting healthy. In less than 6 months, while eating a ton of food, and almost no cardio Chris is now back to being the lean and mean machine he is use to being. Thanks for serving and putting in the hard work!

Active Military

Active military

I started with Coach Tim and Staggs Fitness at the beginning of February. Every since then Tim has been helping me reach my goals of competing in my first mens physique competition when I get home. I’m currently serving in the United States Army and am currently stationed overseas. My goal while I was over here was to bulk up but try to say as lean as possible while bulking. I have gained over 10 lbs of lean muscle all while keeping my waist size down. Coach Staggs has me eating over 4000 calories a day and only doing cardio one day a week for 30 mins. I’ve accomplished all this in just 3 months. Coach Tim and Staggs Fitness definitely know what they are doing and will help you with any goals you have.

Justin B
Active Military – Deployed overseas

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